Your Winter Wedding: Sparkling and Stunning Ideas for Couples

Spring, summer, or fall weddings are common, yet some couples, due to their love of winter, availability, or cost, plan their date during winter months.

If you’re planning a winter wedding, the following ideas are sure to make the special day especially sparkling and stunning.


Roses and lilies accommodate warm-weather weddings, yet other floral arrangements are apropos for winter months. White hydrangeas, ranunculuses, boutonnieres, or other floral arrangements complemented by a bit of greenery, go well with winter. Additionally, light-colored ribbons, or those supplemented with crystals, make a wonderful effect.


Regardless of how much you love the weather, wedding attendants expect services and receptions to be held indoors. Ballrooms and other highly-formal venues warrant invitations of the same formality. Choose thick, heavy card stocks trimmed with navy blue, brown, or deep purple colors. To align the invitations with the winter weather, choose cards frosted with white ink, which are then placed in silver envelope liners.


Floating candles and bright flowers adorn spring and summer reception tables, yet you’ll need to follow suit with seasonal-appropriate designs. Ice-carved vases, filled with white branches and sparkling crystals help reflect light and complement the wintry weather outside. Additionally, drape tables with white linens with frosted glasses and plate ware on top. If vases seem too obvious as centerpieces, have artists sculpt sleighs out of ice or have a craftsperson produce tiny snowmen.

Escort Cards

A dazzling wedding is all about attention to detail. Escort cards inform guests of their appropriate tables and miniature, unique snowflakes, sparkling with ink and attached to small crystals, make a huge impression. Additionally, hire a calligraphy expert to write each card rather than have them printed by a machine. Furthermore, you could place the cards on a table, yet hanging them on a Christmas tree full of wedding Christmas ornaments makes a truly dazzling impression.


Bands, string quartets, and pianists regularly provide musical accompaniment, but you want your winter wedding to be extra special. So, a choir of singers, draped in sparkling formal clothing, is more appropriate. Have groups sing holiday and seasonal songs along with your favorite tunes that remind you of your courtship and promised life together. Of course, a group that can accommodate guest requests always makes for a pleasant, added surprise.


It’s cold outside so warm the stomachs of attendants. Make apple cider and hot chocolate available for happy hour. Again, don’t stray from the winter motif; white hot chocolate, served in small espresso cups, is apropos for the winter season. As with glasses placed on tables, have bartenders serve libations in frosted glassware.


The wedding cake is an absolute staple found at all weddings, and provides opportunity to get crafty while minding the winter motif. Taking an idea from above, have the cake made in the shape of a snowman, sleigh, or Santa Claus. White-sugar ribbon and crystal drops make for extra special accents.

Choosing a winter wedding invites opportunity to showcase creative, sparkling, and stunning ideas that impress attendants from the moment they open the invitation to when they leave with winter-related wedding favors.

Diane Ward works as an event organizer. She likes to write about her experiences on the web. You can find her articles on many DIY and lifestyle sites.

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