How Women Use Art Every Day

If you take a moment to look around you will see that art is all around you. The computer you are reading this article on was originally a concept drawing, art. The same with all the technology you use each day. The photos on your wall are art and the person that took them (maybe you) is an artist. The wine you drank with dinner was created by a crafter, or artist.

Sure, you can see art in everything when you look around, but other than an occasional photo how is it that women, or you, are creating and using art on a daily basis? That’s an easy question to answer.

Every Time You Get On The Computer

Every single time you “craft” an email, a tweet or a status update on Facebook you are using a form of art. Yes, even according to Park West Gallery, a premier art gallery in the state of Michigan, communications is a form of art, even if you aren’t working on your new novel or poem.

Even the games you play online were created by an artist. If you spend any time working on the design of your blog or web page you are using art. It’s kind of amazing all of the ways that you utilize art, whether you are creating it or enjoying it, while you are online.

Around The House

Creating the meal you will have for dinner is a form of culinary arts, especially if you are doing it from scratch, or at least not using something out of a box. Yes, food is art and you don’t even have to play with it to create it.

Decorating your home is also a form of art, and many women (and men too) have a natural eye for designing rooms with color and layout so that they look pleasing and beautiful. Want to embrace the artistic lifestyle around your home even more? Have photographs you’ve taken framed and use them as your room accents instead of someone else’s artwork.

It’s awe inspiring how art really does revolve around our lives completely. Even the clothes that you have on were created by an artist and you used some form of art decided what shirt to go with which skirt and what shoes should match.

If you have children, spend time enhancing their artistic skills with crayons, markers and crafts. You can even decorate your home with the art of a two-year old. You never know, your friends might be jealous! Being artistic with your children is just another way to use art in your everyday life and nurture their growth and potential while you think you’re just being creative and having fun.

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