A Single Mother’s Guide To A Child Friendly Home

It’s hard enough being a single mom without thinking of what your home looks like on the inside. You have to deal with meals, school, clothes, lessons, snacks, toys, shopping and so much more, and all on your own. It’s all so overwhelming. And then you have to have a child friendly home.


If you’re renting a home there may be less thing that you can do to make your home a safe place for a child. You will want to speak to your landlord about putting in child proofing devices or find out if it’s OK to paint your childs room a fun color. And it’s important that you always pay rent on time so you and your child don’t end up homeless.


Child Proofing

There are probably a billion ways you need to childproof your home, but there just isn’t enough room to go over them all. Make sure that things that shouldn’t get into are made so they can’t get into them. When it comes to buying childproofing products, get items that have great reviews and don’t skimp on price. You pay for better quality and your child’s safety should be the most important thing to you.


Also go through the house and found out what things have sharp corners that need to be covered, any tripping hazards or any hazards at a height that they can bump their head.



Little ones explore with their mouths, so it is very important to keep your home clean to protect your child. Make sure you purchase trash cans with lids that seal to keep little ones out of the garbage. Keep things like ashtrays far out of reach and cleaned often, just in case.


Vacuum the floor daily when you have a child. They eat and make a mess and you want to keep it clean. You may want to shop around and invest in a good vacuum with a HEPA filter that gets rid of allergens.



The most fun part of having a child is getting to decorate for them. If you are renting and can’t paint, there are still other choices. Get cute wall clings, hang fun paintings or posters on the wall. Look into the popular toys and characters right now and decorate around one or more of them.


Shopping for children’s decorations can be a fun adventure, just as fun as doing the actual decorating.

Since you’re single you don’t have to OK your choices with someone else, but it may be fun to enlist a best friend, sister or someone else to give you a hand. Sometimes just having a friend around can make everything easier, and it may give you someone to distract the kid(s) while you work!

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