A Girl’s Guide To The Perfect City Break

If you’re planning a girly get away this year, then an itinerary is necessary to keep everyone together and ready for the next activity – even if that means dedicating six hours to lounging on the beach in Barcelona.

Here’s a quick guide to the perfect city break for 2015 and how to plan your time wisely. Let’s start with a location; good options to choose from are:

Lisbon, Portugal – a city of beautiful architecture and great nightlife

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – a city of naughty museums, Nutella and narcotics

Reykjavík, Iceland – a city of culture, art and natural wonder


Jumping on a plane is definitely the easiest way to reach any of these destinations, although you can jump on the Eurostar to reach Amsterdam for as little as a £99 return journey. Be sure to pack light with just a carry on bag to avoid extra charges and arrive at the airport in plenty of time to enjoy dinner and a glass of champagne with your girlfriends before flying.


It all depends on budget when it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of low cost hotels or even hostels to take advantage of in all three locations but value for money has to be Lisbon, with many people actually enjoying the city so much they choose to invest in a holiday home, you can see the type of properties on offer in Portugal here.

When it comes to city breaks it’s a good idea to choose a hotel close to the city centre, where you can take advantage of the nightlife and activities on your doorstep. Hotel Luxer is a good example and one that comes highly recommended by those who visit Amsterdam and is perfect for a girls’ weekend away.

Food and drink

Money can quickly deplete when it comes to food and drink so ensure people are setting a budget for each day and, if your accommodation allows you to do so, try and cook at home at least one evening to save a bit of cash – it will mean more money for the prosecco later on!

What to do

It’s important when visiting a new city that you familiarise yourself with routes to activities and plan out your days to ensure you fit everything in. If you can book activities online it’s a good idea to do so, to avoid queues once you arrive. For example Amsterdam’s Sex Museum is so popular that if you can book beforehand you’ll avoid waiting to get in.

A visit to Reykjavík will require some careful planning, especially when it comes to the time of year to visit. While summer is preferable it is very busy, if you opt for an Autumn city break you will enjoy less crowds but unpredictable weather – as Iceland apparently experiences serious storms in fall. An itinerary is necessary; one day you could plan to go whale watching and then out for an evening at one of the city’s bars and the next day on a shopping tour of the city. Download TouristEye on your phone, use it to search for things to do and then plan them into your schedule.

Wherever you decide to jet off to careful planning can go a long way to ensure you and your friends have the best time – don’t be afraid of impromptu activities or just spending a couple of hours relaxing in a café. Simply enjoy getting away from being a proper adult for the weekend and basking in a new culture.

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