What Wedding Songs to play and When to Play Them?

What is the most important day in anyone’s life? No matter how eventful your life is, there are only but a few that truly touches you and changes your life forever. For many, it’s the birth of their first child while for the others, it is their wedding day – the day when two hearts become one and two individuals decide to accept each other as their partners in the journey called life. It is one of those moments when time stands still in the eyes of the lovers and they bond over the song of their soul.

Talking about songs, a wedding is quite incomplete without wedding songs. There are quite a few occasions where you just have to play songs. Other than keeping the guests entertained it also sets the perfect mood for the event. And as you can break down the wedding into many small events, you can also choose different songs for every part of the wedding.

Now let us take a quick look at some wedding moments where wedding songs are absolutely irreplaceable. Here we go:

The Prelude / Pre-Ceremony

This is the beginning of the wedding, when the first guests arrive. Most think it is better to stick to some classic instrumental during this time. It really sets the mood.

The Procession

It marks the entrance of the Wedding Party, the groom, and then the Bride. This is one of the most awaited sections of the wedding and the songs played during this time are very romantic. The choice of songs may vary from person to person. Some like old wedding songs, while the others settle for something more contemporary. But the romance should be the prime theme.

The Bride’s Entrance

And now, the moment everyone has been waiting for – the grand entry of the bride. She walks down the aisle with her dad. Now in a modern wedding, where dad is not present, a relative or close friend can do the honor too.

The Recessional

It is the joyous conclusion of the ceremony where the bride and the newly joined family come down the aisle. The best songs for this moment can range from something fun to formal, as the newlyweds choose.

Cocktail Hour

Before the main Reception the newlyweds are congratulated by the guests just as hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are being served. Some happy, upbeat songs can become a perfect transition from a formal ceremony to a more relaxed reception.


Most receptions are kicked off with a grand entrance of the newlyweds with some upbeat song. The song should have a happy, bubbly note that speaks that it’s time for celebration.

First Dance

This is the most important wedding song for the newlyweds as they take their first steps on the dance floor as husband and wife. Every couple has their special favorite songs to make this occasion memorable. The most popular first dance song is probably “Unforgettable.”

Father / Daughter Dance

One of the best-loved traditions in a wedding is the Father/daughter dance. It’s an emotional and beautiful moment for both father and daughter. And the song sound represents the lovely bond they share.

Mother / Son Dance

The groom’s dance with his mom is another emotional moment and the song choices should reflect the love between mother and son.

Last Dance

The best way to end a wedding is with a song of gratitude. This last wedding song serves as a tribute to the guests.

Meaningful songs can always make an ordinary moment special. And when the occasion is extraordinary, a few good songs can create the magic that will last a lifetime.

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