Tips On How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Orlando

Are you looking to plan your next vacation? Look no further than Orlando, Florida! From the most experienced of explorers to newly found globetrotters, anyone can benefit. Follow these tips below in order to become a smart and savvy traveler.
Smart Travelers Find the Best Orlando Hotel Deals Online and Offline
Travelers often refer to Orlando as the theme park capital of the world. No matter where you stay within the city, you can practically look outside your hotel room window and see multiple amusement parks. Families can see the world of Harry Potter, explore Disney World, learn more about the world at EPCOT and experience other things from all the amazing parks. With tickets to those parks costing $50 or more, it’s likely that you want to cut corners in other ways. Take a page from some smart travelers and learn how to find deals on Orlando hotels online and offline.
Consider the Amenities Available
One reason why some hotels are more expensive than others is because of the amenities available. Depending on what you like to do during a vacation, it might be worthwhile to pay a little extra for a hotel with more amenities. A hotel with a fitness center, on-site restaurants, an in ground heated swimming pool and a water slide for kids might actually save you money over staying in a hotel where you frequently need to go out.
Look for Packages
Travel packages sometimes get a bad reputation, but a travel package is sometimes worth the price. Many packages come with a hotel room and a flight to Florida, and you may find packages that come with tickets to one of the more popular amusement parks and transportation to the park. This can save you big and leave you free to come and go without worrying about renting a car.
Stay Off-Site
When looking for cheap hotels in Orlando, don’t be afraid to stay away from those parks. While some travelers say that the traffic is horrible and that you’re better off staying in a park hotel, those hotels can cost twice as much or more as a hotel located just a few miles away. Off-site hotels may also give you some more freedom and offer more in the way of amenities.
Comparison Shop
Comparison shopping isn’t just for electronics and furniture. Before you book a room at any Orlando hotel, make sure that you compare the rates and amenities among your top choices. You might find that you can save money staying in a condo just outside of the city or that you prefer a park resort. Once you make your final decision on a hotel, check with multiple sites to get the best rate.
Don’t be Afraid to Haggle
Smart travelers know that hotels sometimes offer the best rates around. You can use the hotel’s website or call the front desk directly. Being a veteran, a member of AAA or a student might earn you a discount. Some front desk clerks can also reduce the price of your room by 10% or more, and you can always haggle to get the price down lower. You’ll never know how much you can save until you check with the hotel.
Orlando is home to hundreds of restaurants, museums, art galleries, historic sites, amusement parks and other things to do. Whether planning a family vacation, romantic getaway or business trip, always use a few simple tips to bring down the cost of your hotel room. The less you spend on a room, the more money you have for souvenirs.
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