Tips for finding a Unique Engagement Ring

If there’s a proposal soon to be on your horizon, or it’s already out there and you’re taking the next steps with your partner, you’ve no doubt started to think a lot about engagement rings. After all, they’re kind of a main part of the deal!

If you’ve been looking around the usual high street jewellers and have yet to find something that really speaks to you, it can soon feel like you will never find the perfect ring. If you want something that’s different from the standard styles that crop up everywhere, a good idea to find something really unique is to look in different places. We’ve come up with some tips for finding the perfect, unique engagement ring.

Have one made especially for you

There are some companies out there that actually offer you the chance to be involved in the process of crafting your very own engagement ring. This is ideal if you have a bit of an idea what you want, but feel like you could really benefit from some expert input too. This is generally done by having a consultation with a designer who will talk to you about your ideas – the ideas will usually be based on an existing ring or style, or a sketch – and will then work to craft it to live up to your expectations.

Therefore it’s a good idea to go with as much info about engagement rings as you can, to help the process move along smoothly. Most good companies will then work with you until it fits perfectly, and is exactly how you wanted it.

Design it yourself

Or, if you fancy yourself as completely creative and know exactly what it is that you want, one way to ensure that your ring is 100% unique is to completely design it yourself! You can then take your design to the likes of the geniuses behind Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, who will then aim to craft your ring as closely to your design as possible, bringing your dream to life.

Look for a beautiful vintage find

If you really want something unique but don’t really fancy the hassle of designing it yourself, or if that doesn’t appeal to you anyway, there’s another fantastic option that is becoming more and more popular. Many women prefer antique engagement rings because they have more character or a romantic history, and their styles differ greatly to the ones you’re likely to find in the high street stores of today.

You can find antique and vintage jewellery in lots of different places today too, including online from the likes of which have some really interesting and ornate pieces. You could even investigate the stories behind the piece you choose, as well!

If you find something you fall in love with but it’s not quite a perfect fit, you can also get it altered in size so that it fits you completely too, and this is usually a really cheap service provided by most jewellers.

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