Lovely Gift Ideas for your Bridesmaids

If your big day is coming up, you’ve no doubt been so busy with millions of things to do, and it’s a pretty safe assumption to say that you’ll have had the help of some of your best girlfriends.

If you want the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ for all their help with your wedding and just generally to say thanks for being such a massive part of your life, then we’ve come up with some lovely gift ideas for your bridesmaids on your special day.

A piece of jewellery they can wear on the day

It’s a plain fact that you can’t go wrong with jewellery, and this is probably our favourite option for those special ladies in your life as you all celebrate your big day together. You could get them something sweet and personalised to tell them just how much they mean to you, or you could opt for something simple and elegant that they could actually wear on the day! We think something really dainty like a pearl bracelet or earrings are a great example of this, and there are some lovely pearl jewellery options available from Mesenso that we think would be perfect.

A special bottle of their favourite bubbly

Nothing says ‘thank you’ like a bottle of their favourite tipple, and there are loads of different varieties out there that you can go for, from formal vintage wines with a personalised label to novelty and original bottle shapes filled with their drink of choice. And hey ho, you could even end up sampling the drinks with them at the end of the night, too!

Personalised nightwear for the night before

We’ve all seen the sickly sweet wedding photos on Pinterest of the bride with her bridesmaids the night before or the morning of the wedding; where they’re all donned in personalised lingerie or robes. Therefore these are a really good staple gift if you’re a bit unsure what to go for, and if you need a gift for a set of bridesmaids who are all very different and unique.

A gift experience day

After all the stresses of the big day, why not treat your girls to a day away doing something fun and/or relaxing together? Think about it; what could be better after months or even years of planning such a mammoth event than relaxing with your favourite ladies at a spa, or getting giggly at a cocktail master class? There are loads of different experience options online to check out.

Something homemade

If you want to go that extra mile (and if you have some spare time amongst the madness!) homemade gifts are always a winner, and they enable you to tailor them to each individual. We’ve seen things like homemade bath products, homemade photo albums/frames and even homemade perfume, so the possibilities are really endless when it comes to this option. Just make sure it doesn’t end up being more hassle and another big stress to add onto the big day!

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