Family advice for military personnel

If there is one thing that is common to all military personnel and their families, it is moving around. The very nature of a military career means that this is something that you will have to deal with numerous times when enlisted. Though the process of moving on the day itself can be fairly quick, the planning beforehand and the settling in period afterwards takes considerably longer.

The settling in period after a move can be especially hard for families. Not only have old friends and familiar faces been left behind, but there is also the pressure of finding new ones. For children particularly, the move between schools and finding a new peer group to integrate with can pose some challenges.

Ways to make moving easier

Though moving home can be tough on your family, there are ways that you can make it easier and less taxing for everyone. By employing some of these methods, you will be able to make it run more smoothly and have the family happy and ready for the next chapter of your life together in no time.

Use an international school

Your children’s education will be one of the main priorities for you when moving around in service. Ensuring that they get the very best schooling in an environment that will understand their needs is key, and enrolling them into an international school is a great option for that.

The real benefit with international schools is that they offer internationally recognized qualifications and curriculums. Qualifications such as an International Baccalaureate program in Singapore or other countries will mean that they finish with real usable skills that are accepted globally. It will also give them a chance to meet new friends in the same type of situation as them and integrate into the new community more easily.

Make sure that you are prepared for the move in advance

It can be hard when you are busy with your military duties, but trying to plan well in advance for any move is wise. Create a moving binder that has all your important documents in and a written timeline. This will mean that you always know where they are and can keep an eye on how ready you are as the day of the move draws closer.

A great tip is to use your camera to take an inventory of your belongings – it’s much quicker and easier than having to write it all out. Moving is also a great chance to declutter, so have a good look through what you have in your current home and make sure that you only take what is necessary. Another fabulous tip is to take a photo of the back of your TV – it saves a lot of hassle the other end trying to remember manually.

Moving needn’t be a bad thing

There is no doubt that moving is a hassle and can be hard on all the family, but it needn’t be a terrible time. It really is worth fully investing in the move and making it work as much as possible for your whole family so that they will enjoy their new home. As an enlisted military person, you will have to go through the process a few times, so it is worth trying to make it a positive experience.

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